My Depression

Yeah, I’m depressed. I’ve been that way for most of my life, honestly. I’ve always been the sad kid, who cries for little or no reason and has angry outbursts. My life has been measured by my emotions, and everything I do is based on my feelings.

I was homeschooled, my early years lacked interaction with other kids. I had no way to measure my feelings compared to other kids my age, I did not know what “normal” was. I realize now that my feelings were not and are not normal. I am depressed, and I now have weekly therapy. It’ll get better, I do realize this. Saying this does not ease my suicidal thoughts, though.

Luckily, almost everyone I know has gone through something similar, like my mom, who has been severely depressed several times in her life. Most of my friends also have depression or depression related mental illnesses.

Anyway, hopefully if any of you are depressed, you have a way to get help. Always remember that you are never alone.



I, like many of you, marched with the women on Washington D. C. It was an eye opening experience, let me tell you. It made me realize: I am not alone. We are large in numbers. Every woman and man who believes in women’s rights walked with us, if not in person, in spirit. We made history. WE MADE HISTORY! People listened! The President surely heard.

A beautiful transgender woman was walking next to me. We spoke, exchanged a word or two, but I was so thrilled to see every woman represented there. Men were there. My father marched. Men spoke, advocates for women’s rights. That was my light of hope I wish I could share with every broken, beaten woman around the world.

I know it was a while ago, but today I saw a march is going on in protest of the Muslim ban. Dammit, Trump! Didja have to go and ban a whole religion from this country? Pretty soon all of us atheists will be banned too. That man is a swirling storm of bullshit and fear mongering and lies. I have no clue why anyone voted for him, but if you did, please stay away from this blog page, cause I don’t need your negativity.


*Please excuse me. I was very fired up when I wrote this.*