I’ll start this off by proudly declaring: I am a Liberal. I love Hillary and Barack. However, I am seemingly alone in my town where I go to school. Most people are Conservative, Right-Wing, Trump-Loving hunters and farmers. I have nothing against any of these people. I just have a hard time being the odd one out and saying things like, “Yo, did you hear about the March? Pretty cool, am I right?” To which everyone answers, “What’s the point? Hillary lost.” It’s pretty discouraging. As you can imagine, word travels fast in our town, and since my dad has a business on main-street, I am never able to say much. And the people who do know me well enough are polite in their Trump-loving frenzy.

We learn acceptance over time. In highschool, we all want to be the “right” one. As we mature, we will all realize that there are many different ways to live our lives. The folks at my school, mostly the boys, dare I say, are judgemental and do bully classmates; I’ve seen people get shoved and called nasty things. We have a small African American population, surrounded by racist white boys and girls and even racist teachers. We do have a large LGBTQ community, and they are the most targeted. I hear truly despicable things said about them and to them. Luckily we do have a GSA, or Gay Straight Alliance, which I proudly joined to support the LGBTQ communities in our school and around the world. There are not a lot of kids in it, about 20 of us, about half Allies, most Juniors and Seniors. I want everyone on the planet to have a chance and a voice and equal opportunity.



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