In this day and age in America, we are losing our separation of church and state. It’s just a fact. I’m an atheist, though I was raised not to be and let me tell you, my parents are not happy.

But here’s the thing that really pisses me off. With Donald Trump and all his crazy fanatic Christian leaders in Office, I will be subjected to the ways of the Bible. I love Christians. Many of my friends and most of my family are Christians. There are good morals in the Bible. It’s true. But we MUST have a separation of church and state. We must. If a Christian does not think homosexuality should exist, perfect, because they don’t have to marry someone of the same sex. If a Christian doesn’t believe in abortion, fabulous, no one said they had to get one. But why force all of us innocent atheists to abide by the laws of some deity we don’t believe to exist? Is it not, than, right for us to ask for, no DEMAND, a separation of church and state?

Also, when this country was founded, it was founded by Christians, I get it. But we need to realize: that was, like 250 years ago! Now we have Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, I mean come on, Republicans! This is the 21st century! Yes, I understand it’s scary to see this country change, but change is for the better. Our culture is diverse in race and religion. You cannot ask these hard-working Americans to leave their country! They have just as much a right to it as you Christians. Listen. America is making progress, whether or not you agree. We become more of a 21st century country every time anyone says they are atheist, gay, or of a different race. Even feminist! We move this country forward with unity and acceptance and justice for all, not prejudice and laws that only less than half the population are content with.



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