Yeah, I’m depressed. I’ve been that way for most of my life, honestly. I’ve always been the sad kid, who cries for little or no reason and has angry outbursts. My life has been measured by my emotions, and everything I do is based on my feelings.

I was homeschooled, my early years lacked interaction with other kids. I had no way to measure my feelings compared to other kids my age, I did not know what “normal” was. I realize now that my feelings were not and are not normal. I am depressed, and I now have weekly therapy. It’ll get better, I do realize this. Saying this does not ease my suicidal thoughts, though.

Luckily, almost everyone I know has gone through something similar, like my mom, who has been severely depressed several times in her life. Most of my friends also have depression or depression related mental illnesses.

Anyway, hopefully if any of you are depressed, you have a way to get help. Always remember that you are never alone.



4 thoughts on “My Depression

  1. Hey, Scarlett. I know you may think it odd that I would come here to leave a comment, but it was not to come and condemn, judge, or anything like that. No, the reason I am leaving a comment here on this post is simply because I know what depression is all about – I’ve done that…got the t-shirt. I have faced down the barrel of a 12ga, shotgun as early as age 16. Later in life I was nearly committed for being suicidal. My story is a painful one, but not too uncommon, yet much of the pain could have been alleviated had I felt secure enough to talk honestly about it…and if I hadn’t been made to feel stupid for being depressed.

    So, I care. I don’t agree with a lot you may support or think, but make no mistake…I do care. Kudos to you for being brave enough to talk about it. Keep talking about it.

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