My mom is a dreamer. She’s always wanted to go to Paris and be a successful writer/painter. I try to support her, yet I always wonder what the point of encouraging  her illusion further is.

And yet, I remind myself, there could be a small chance that my mother, aged at only a mere 53 years, might achieve this far-fetched dream. Though she will have no retirement money, and has never published a work of art in her life, she might pull it off. Having grown up with nothing and having money only in the years of adulthood before she had children, these fantasies would be a dream come true.

And so now, I vow silently to take my mother (and my father) to Europe when I am older and hopefully successful in some way or another. I want my mother to never worry about money again, to eat at every cute little sidewalk cafe in France and Italy. Until then, I will acknowledge the sacrifices my mother has made to satisfy my needs and wants. I will do the best I can to respect her dreams and one day, I will make them reality.



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